Your Premiere Portrait and Oil Handpainting Reproduction Service

Exclusive, Affordable Handpainted Art

  • We handpaint your cherished photos (family, loved ones etc) into a Portrait Masterpiece which is ideal as a personalised unique gift to adorn your office reception, study or home.
  • We recreate the works of master artists. 

Until their proper display in museums, the paintings of most Renaissance masters languished for centuries on the magnet-flecked fridges of their proud mothers. Centuries later in no small part due to credit crunch hysteria and in a new omega replica, digitally entrenched world we have regrettably settled to mere Google images of these masterpieces or to have the Masterpieces reduced to digital prints. The price paid is the lost art of HAND oil paintings on canvas. The touch and texture of oil on canvas and the skilfulness of the human touch remains unparalleled in authenticity. 

These days the steady encroachment of ink printed canvas paintings from your local mall or photo printing shop is enough to make any respectable magnet flecked Renaissance fridge blush with embarrassment. Not to even mention the impact on the Renaissance Masters themselves –enough to have some of them cut off their own ears.

So how can you enjoy a real HAND oil painted Masterpiece OR  have your digital photo gain respectability by HAND oil painting them without having tag heuer aquaracer fake watches to re-mortgage the house? That’s what Tapestry Collection offers you – Affordable Art Exclusivity.

Hand Oil paintings of any photo or image or masterpiece at an affordable price. Perfect as a wedding gift, ideal for that person who has it all and well, also to impress distant relatives with an oil painted Rembrandt reproduction. A personalized gift of value to someone of value. We can also take your black and white photos and HAND oil paint them with beautiful brushstrokes in rich color.

Your 100% handpainted oil portrait pieces will be completed in only 10 business days.